Don’t mess around with nothingness

This is a very important rule. Nothingness is a very delicate concept, and if you mess around with it, you could end up creating a lot of problems. If you’re not careful, you could create a black hole, or worse.

Ten reasons why you would not want to create a black hole:

1. It would suck all the matter and energy in the universe into it, until the universe was nothing but a black hole.

2. It would be incredibly dense, with an infinite amount of mass crammed into a single point.

3. The gravitational field around a black hole is so strong that not even light can escape from it.

4. If you got too close to a black hole, the gravitational pull would tear you apart.

5. Black holes are thought to be the end-states of massive stars that have exhausted their fuel and collapsed under their own weight.

6. They are incredibly destructive, and can even gobble up entire galaxies.

7. If our sun ever turned into a black hole, it would instantly destroy Earth.

8. We really don’t understand them very well, so they could be even more dangerous than we think.

9. They’re just really, really creepy.

10. And finally, because I said so. So don’t mess around with nothingness, okay?

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