Don’t make too many promises. Live.

It’s easy to make promises, especially when we’re not the ones who have to keep them. But if you find yourself making too many promises, be careful. You may not be able to keep them all, and people may start to wonder if you’re really as reliable as you seem. Try to make only the promises you know you can keep, and be sure to keep your word.

Ten reasons why people break their promises:

1. They never intended to keep their promise in the first place.

2. They forgot about their promise.

3. They changed their mind about what they promised.

4. Something came up that prevented them from keeping their promise.

5. They didn’t have the resources to keep their promise.

6. They didn’t have the ability to keep their promise.

7. They didn’t have the time to keep their promise.

8. They didn’t have the energy to keep their promise.

9. They didn’t have the motivation to keep their promise.

10. They simply gave up on keeping their promise.

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