Please don’t eat snails. Snails are loaded with spirits.

This is a silly superstition that is not based in reality. Snails are not loaded with spirits, and there is no evidence that eating them has any negative effect on people.

Anyway, here are ten reasons why you shouldn’t eat snails:

1) Snails are dirty. They spend their lives crawling around in the mud and eating garbage.

2) Snails are full of parasites. These parasites can infect humans, causing a variety of diseases.

3) Snails can carry bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

4) Snails are often used as bait, which means they may have been exposed to toxic chemicals.

5) Snails are low in nutrients and high in cholesterol.

6) Snails are difficult to digest and can cause intestinal blockages.

7) Snails are a common allergen.

8) Snails may contain harmful toxins.

9) Snails are not often raised in humane conditions.

10) Snails are a non-renewable resource.

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