You are so emotionally weird

When people are talking to you, they can tell youre not really listening. You have this strange glazed look in your eyes, and you keep fidgeting and looking around the room.

Its almost like youre not even there.

And when you do finally speak, you say things that are completely offtopic and dont make any sense. Its like youre in your own little world and no one can reach you.

You may be suffering from a condition known as depersonalization disorder. This disorder can be extremely frightening and confusing, as it causes you to feel disconnected from your own body and mind.

Symptoms of depersonalization disorder include:

  • feeling like you are in a dream or watching yourself from outside your body
  • feeling detached from your emotions or like you are observing yourself from a distance
  • feelings of unreality or surrealism
  • feeling foggyheaded or spacey
  • difficulty concentrating or thinking clearly
  • memory problems

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, its important to see a mental health professional who can properly diagnose and treat your condition.

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