If you can befriend the after life you can profit on history.

You can always learn from history, but if you can develop a relationship with those who have come before, you can potentially profit from their knowledge.

Ten reasons why befriend the after life is a good idea:

1. You can learn about what has come before and what worked well (or didn’t work well).

2. You can get guidance on what to do (or not to do) in your own life.

3. You can develop a sense of connection with those who have come before, which can be comforting and reassuring.

4. You can learn about other cultures and how they approach life and death.

5. You can get a different perspective on life and death, which can be helpful in making your own decisions about life and death.

6. You can learn about the afterlife, if there is one, and what it might be like.

7. You can learn how to communicate with the dead, which can be a valuable skill.

8. You can help the dead move on to the next life, if there is one, and help them find peace.

9. You can learn how to protect yourself from malevolent spirits.

10. You can learn how to use your own psychic abilities, if you have them, to help others.

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