If you are feeling like a prisoner within building, perhaps you are imagining the building

If you feel like a prisoner in a building, it is likely because you are confined within the walls of the building with no way to escape. This can be a very claustrophobic feeling, especially if the building is large and/or crowded.

Ten reasons why being a prisoner in a building would be terrible are as follows:

1. You would be unable to leave the building and would be forced to stay there against your will.

2. You would be surrounded by strangers and would have no privacy.

3. You would be unable to go outside and would feel cooped up.

4. You would miss your family and friends and would be unable to see them.

5. You would miss out on important events that are happening in the outside world.

6. You would be bored with nothing to do all day.

7. The food would likely be terrible and you would not have any other options.

8. The conditions inside the building could be unsanitary and cramped.

9. You could get sick while being confined in the building.

10. You could ultimately go crazy from being locked up inside the building with no way to escape.

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