A night out is never entertaining

I don’t find going out at night to be particularly entertaining. I prefer to stay in and relax in my own company.


Ten reasons why a night out is never entertaining:

1. You have to spend money on expensive drinks.

2. You can’t hear each other talk over the loud music.

3. You have to wait in line to get into the club.

4. You get pushed and jostled by people on the dance floor.

5. You get sweaty and uncomfortable dancing.

6. You have to watch out for pickpockets and other criminals.

7. You might see someone you know and they might judge you.

8. You might get hit on by someone you’re not interested in.

9. You might get drunk and make a fool of yourself.

10. You have to pay for a costly taxi ride home at the end of the night.


But if you really insist in going for a night out, here are some tips:

1) Choose your friends wisely – you don’t want to be the only sober one in the group.

2) Pre-game – have some drinks before you go out so you don’t have to spend as much money at the bar.

3) Don’t drink too much – you don’t want to end up making a fool of yourself or getting sick.

4) Dress to impress – but also be comfortable, you don’t want to be adjusting your clothes all night.

5) Dance like no one is watching – let loose and have fun!

6) Keep an eye on your belongings – pickpockets are everywhere, so keep an eye on your things.

7) Make sure you have a way to get home – have enough money for a taxi or Uber, or make sure someone can come pick you up.



As you can see, there are many potential downsides to going out for a night on the town. It can be expensive, uncomfortable, and even dangerous. You might end up making a fool of yourself or getting sick. So if you do decide to go out, be sure to take precautions and plan ahead.

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